Mariner Monday – Large ½ Peperoni ½ Hawaiian

$12 .99(+tax)

TUESDAY: Large Pepperoni

$11 .99(+tax)

WEDNESDAY: Large Hawaiian

$12 .99(+tax)

THURSDAY: Large Pepperoni, Mushroom, Olive

$13 .99(+tax)

FRIDAY: Large 1/2 Pep1/2 Haw

$12 .99(+tax)

SATURDAY: XL Pepperoni

$16 .99(+tax)

SEAHAWK SUNDAY: 12th man special Large Pepperoni & Bread Stick

$13 .00(+tax)

Welcome to Doc’s Pizza!

We are part of the Cherry Hill Family Fun Center in Granger Washington. We don’t just offer great food, it is a family atmosphere with a complete fun center with batting cages, mini golf, pedal cars, driving range and a 9 hole full golf course. Come golf with us or bring the entire family out for a great time and great food!

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